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Catch A Glimpse Of The United Tactics Screen

Posted by Keano! on May 17, 2009

When United play Arsenal, there’s always tonnes of ideas each team has on how the others will play. Well, after United played Arsenal yesterday and sealed their League crown with a 0-0 draw, cameras were allowed inside the dressing room after the game to take in all the celebrations.

The staff and Fergie had left the last few points of the half time team talk on an LCD screen beside a traditional tactics board and a camera caught this.

Arsenal Combination Play - Key Points From Fergie

Arsenal Combination Play - Key Points From Fergie

The points read, from the top,

Good Defensive Shape – Compact
Stop them from playing out…
…Press Early … Numbers in Midfield
Read Their Passes…Intercept…
…Stay with their runners.

Not the most complicated messages but important to the performance of the team. Two men who really did listen to the “…Stay with the runners.” point I thought were Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo who really did track back and make important challenges and interceptions.

Who knows what’s written on that screen when the team are behind and playing badly…Would have been interesting to see at half-time in the Liverpool match.

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