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United’s New Kit For 2009/2010?

Posted by Keano! on May 18, 2009

See article here – here

18 Responses to “United’s New Kit For 2009/2010?”

  1. I’m Cristiano Ronaldo…..I’M NOT WEARING THAT NEXT SEASON…

    I want a shirt with “bwin” as the sponsor…ideas?????

  2. Raul said

    I’m Raul……**** You…..noone is stealing my number 7……not beckham and not you………..

  3. freelanceallison said

    I think United should shy away from AIG on their jersey – the tape that some teams have had to put over sponsors who could no longer fit the bill just makes me laugh – champions deserve better than sponsors who recklessly spend! -

  4. Emmanuel Ebhota said

    The new kit is very useless and very ugly. All the other top three have niece New kits but it is only Man United that would just come and behave like fool and come and put that “V” thing on the chest of the new Jersey. I am ashamed to call myself a Man United fan because of these Jersey and maybe i might not even be a fan anymore. Arsenal Jersey is the best Jersey for the next season and so i would become their fan.

    • Lee said

      your a joke your deciding who you support by what they wear what planet are you from . go and support arsenal your make me sick . F*** OFF!!!

  5. Keano! said

    See the latest news

    “Arsenal Jersey is the best Jersey for the next season and so i would become their fan.”

    Bit of a plastic fan you are so…

  6. bobbygee said

    I like the second kit. The frist one #$@@%!. Manchester United-Barcelona match will be great today. I can’t wait to watch it on TV. When you get a chance get out my blog..

    Newton Heath was originally Manchester United The name was change to Manchester United in 1902. The color pattern red, black, and white strip have been used since 1902.

  7. Error said

    i’m positive its this jersey cause barca’s has the same neck

  8. c.ronaldo said

    no no no… this is nt a good looking shirt for manchester united… this doesnt suit the red devils… please dont make it the the new kit for them.. please

  9. I love the new jersey and i want them to be using it by next season.

  10. le_king said

    Way the strip must black, i like white strip, if united use black stript on her jersey, united can’t win any title

  11. Manutdglory said

    I work for a major soccer retailer and my boss has seen the official new United home and away kits after meeting with a Nike representative, and he said the kit on top isn’t authentic.

    My boss said that while both the home and away kits will indeed have the controversial retro “V,” it will be in black on the home kit, while the away kits will not be white at all, but black. Also, the home kits won’t have a retro collar, but a simple black-piped round neck. He said that this leaked photo is very similar to the one the Nike representative showed him:

    The publishers of will be happy to know that this image is the same one that Nike forced them to take down from their website, so it probably is a photo of the actual kit, most likely taken by a factory worker in Asia, where Nike has them made.

  12. shakin said

    the new jersey is not representing the name of the club, its more adviceable to use d previous one than this

    • thomas said

      You have got to be kiding. I am a huge man u fan and this new kit is a joke. It does not represnt th club in anyway shape or form. I hope Sir Alex Ferguson can sort this big slip up out and put a hault to this crap kit out. We are the red devils and this kit does not show this at all. SORT IT OUT.

  13. Ali Saiid said

    the previous one is far batter than this V kit design!!!but plzz use da blue jersy this season pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. kumar said

    The first kit with white is really nice, its wkd, but the balck one is horrible, plz don’t let that be our home kit next season, hope Ronaldo stays, 🙂

  15. clement said

    I dont really like this Jessy is very bad i hate it when i see it it descent look nice.hope sir lex wouldn’t like this Jessy is very surprise that Nike docent have a better designs

  16. Gags said

    Maybe this crap desgin will inspire the team. They will certainly need to do something to detract from the fact they will look like nerds, guess some Americans were involved in the design, they dont have dress sense lol. Sadly though they will still be bought in their droves. We must though look on the bright side its not a scouse shirt.

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