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Rome 09: Victory Parade Route

Posted by Keano! on May 20, 2009

It really is too early to tempt fate, but IF we beat Barcelona in Rome, as you know, the Council have agreed to allow the club to have a victory parade on the Thursday after the final.

It is a big if, but it’s good to know that should you find yourself in the position of seeing us win the game and then want to see the home coming parade, then this will be of use to you.

You should note that all of the destinations, times and details are subject to change and are not the final proposals, but it is more or less the route that would be used.


When the team arrive home at around 16:00 – 17:00, they will be heading for Albert Square, on Cross street. On the map below, it isn’t marked, but it is at the point near the top right where it says MANCHESTER, the small greyish area below that is where you’re looking for. This however will be a ticket only area and details on how to obtain tickets can be found out from the club and the town hall itself. There will be an approx. number of 8,500 allowed at most to see the team officially welcomed home and from there they will board an open top bus to begin the parade.

The Route

From the Town Hall, the bus will head south on Deansgate leading onto Chester Road through the city centre and out toward Old Trafford. Here, hundreds of thousands of people are expected by the Greater Manchester Police here and the area will be under strict police control. The parade will run along Chester Road and onto Talbot Road coming to an end at the Trafford Town Hall

The entire journey has been estimated to take between four and five hours, but as these things go, expect that time to increase. Greater Manchester Police have also confirmed that the likelihood of the Manchester being gridlocked for up to 10 hours is a severe possibility with the crowd numbers in mind.

Bus services are set to run until lunchtime, main roads will be closed from 6am on Thursday morning and people are urged to keep cars away from the whole area if possible.


Start: Albert Hall - Along the Chester Road - Ending: Trafford Town Hall on Talbot Rd
Start: Albert Hall – Along the Chester Road – Ending: Trafford Town Hall on Talbot Rd

These are all still if’s, as for all we know, United may loose the final and all these plans will be scrapped, but this is just a warning to anyone who is planning on either attending a parade if we get the chance to hold it or for people intending on entering the city during the latter hours of the day.

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