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Reina Advises Valdes On Ronaldo Rockets

Posted by Keano! on May 21, 2009

Liverpool ‘keeper, Pepe Reina has advised his fellow Spaniard to be on the watch out for Ronaldo free kicks during the Champions League final, stating that they cannot be underestimated at any cost.

Speaking to reporters in Liverpool, Reina said that Ronaldo could end the whole tie with one magical free kick and hence, Valdes must be on full alert.

Reina has had to face some of the Ronnie Rockets over the last few seasons, most notably in the 06/07 season at

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Anfield when a dead-ball was fizzed in low and hard by the Portuguese and the power caught Reina out who spilled it allowing John O’Shea to smash home for a late winner.

Reina said,

You must be careful and watch them all the way because you do not know until the last moment where the ball will go, said Pepe, Ronaldo’s free-kicks are like a spear. I have suffered.

Over the two legs last season between United and Barcelona, Ronaldo saw a penalty in Spain go wide and Valdes didn’t have one of these “spear like” shots to deal with over the tie.

Ronaldo has hit in some wonderful free kicks this season already with strikes against Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal the most notable.

2 Responses to “Reina Advises Valdes On Ronaldo Rockets”

  1. Adam Z. Lucifer said

    This pally advice from Reina is obviously a piece of deceit to fool his Catalan rival; he is trying to get Valdes to focus on CR7 so’s he takes his mind off the true danger man – John O’Shea!


    Even if Reina advise Valdez or not, I’m very sure that Manchester utd will tear Barca apart on the 27th night.You need no fortune teller to inform you that Barca and their fans are very worried about Manchester utd because of solid Utd defence and the attacking fire-power of ManUtd.My prediction is ManUtd 2-0 Barca.

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