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Its Not Just The Medals – O’Shea

Posted by Keano! on May 22, 2009

John O’Shea, who is coming close to his 350th game for Manchester United has spoken to Manchester Evening News today and commented on how he felt he fitted into the side, how to deal with being left out and the Champions League final.

The Irishman who has played in every position for United, believes that making the contribution to the team and the club is more important then the medals. John who has an impressive CV at United has often found himself on the sidelines but his patience has paid off somewhat. O’Shea said,

"I would never stay at a club just for the sake of winning a medal. If I felt I wasn’t playing a part I would leave. That has always been the case,” commented John

"I know Roy Keane’s said that 20 games for United is better than 40 anywhere else but I don’t buy into that idea. As a footballer, you want to play as often as you can, no matter what club you are at. You could say I have been rewarded for my patience. But whether you are playing a bit part or a bigger part I was always confident, if I got a run in the team, I could show I could stay in it."

It shows that hard work, belief and determination can go a log way and O’Shea believes in what he does for who he thinks is the best boss in the business, Sir Alex Ferguson. While some players feel slightly aggrieved at being left out, most notably Carlos Tevez, O’Shea thinks that there is method to Fergies mindset and feels players are left out at the right time and if you are doing well, you’ll be used well.

"I have always had a good relationship with the manager," said O’Shea.

"It is difficult to keep everyone happy but being successful is a key. If you are winning things it makes it slightly easier when you are left out at certain stages. Look at the size of squads at big clubs in Europe now. You can’t win things with 11 players. The teams who will be successful will have between 18 and 22.

"It’s the man-management side that does it," he said. He [Ferguson] makes you feel involved. He might come around and say ‘You are not playing tomorrow but you are playing on Wednesday week and I want you ready for that game’. It’s those little things that make him the best in the business."

John was recently told by the boss that he would be a starter in Rome next Wednesday at right back where O’Shea will more then likely be up against the experienced head of Theirry Henry who is a beaten finalist with Arsenal already.

The Waterford man went onto to talk about being a confirmed starter for the final,

"It doesn’t make me feel good knowing I will play," he smiled. The manager might have said something about me starting a few weeks ago but you never know for certain until he names the team. I was close to getting on in last year’s final but didn’t quite manage it. If I do play this year all well and good. But really, I just want the same result."

Its been arguably O’Shea’s best season for United in his career and having made 53 appearances already, the Irishman will want to finish the 54th game in Rome with a win.

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