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Nike Leak Picture Of United’s Kit For 2009/2010

Posted by Keano! on May 22, 2009

Read article here!

14 Responses to “Nike Leak Picture Of United’s Kit For 2009/2010”

  1. AntR0we said

    I like it. It’s much better than the fakes that have been floating around.

  2. Nick said

    They were always going to do something to commemorate the first ever FA Cup win in 1909. I like the kit, although I would have preferred the V stripe to be white. I don’t like the Keepers jersey though, little bit too much like a straight jacket. Generally though very happy.

  3. Eric said

    I thought AIG weren’t going to be uniteds sponsers next year?

  4. Keano! said

    They will be…

  5. Ian Cuthbert said

    This kit looks absolutly amazing.. with vidic on the back cant go far rong (Y)

  6. gazza said

    dosnt matter if its got a V or AIG on it aslong as its red and has the man u badge on it:p

  7. Yes- think the stripe s/b white! But no real dislike felt!
    Wednesday is the last current away strip use then?
    Roll on Wednesday and next season!

  8. Jose Shivers said

    Why is there a picture of Tevez on there?

  9. Dave the RED said

    No chance of AIG as sponsors! They’re going down the pan. I reckon Saudi Telecom is a good shout. Loads of dosh and they want a foothold in the Prem…..So why not?? As for the shirts, well, the Red kit is fine, the White is so-so but I have seen a Black one that looks awesome.
    Roll on Wednesday…..Utd 3-1 Barca!!!

  10. Keano! said

    “Yuk! Don’t like this one”

    Leading the poll at the moment

  11. KJ said

    Dave the RED: AIG will be sponsors next year, because the contract they currently have doesn’t expire beofre after next year. I reckon that it’s all already paid for too.

    And the sponsors for 2010-11 will be Aon Corp., this was announced yesterday. Read about it on Man Utd’s official homepage.

  12. footballmania said

    common guys!!!!its ok anyway…i really like away kit….

  13. bmh said

    glory glory what a nice kit heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

  14. mick said

    man utd will hav AIG next season but then it will be Aon not sudi telecom

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