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Rome 09: Alcohol Lockdown!

Posted by Keano! on May 25, 2009

As of 11pm tomorrow morning until around 6am Thursday morning, Rome will be implementing an alcohol lockdown where no drinks with alcohol will be sold in shops, supermarkets, pubs, the Stadio Olimpico and any other places where alcohol can normally be bought.

It comes after Rome officials decided that if there is any trouble at the Champions League final between United and Barcelona, and then the AS Roma fans, then it would be alcohol related and this measure has been taken “for the safety of the travelling fans, the residents and the sporting event”

This means quite simply, that if you are leaving Manchester, Barcelona or any other cities around the world with or without a ticket and heading for Rome, you WILL NOT be able to purchase or consume alcohol in the stadium before, during or after the match and the same goes for the surrounding areas.

The local police are being briefed on the situation and have been ordered to arrest anyone who is seen consuming, purchasing or indeed selling alcoholic drinks on the spot.

Whilst it isn’t the most important aspect of the night, a few drinks, or a lot in some cases, is all part of the banter and atmosphere. There hasn’t been any bad blood between the Mancunions and Catalans, which indicates Rome have little faith in their own to keep a lid on things.

In the 2006/2007 season, Manchester United fans were treated so badly by the police it was beyond belief, and everyone is eager to avoid any scenes like those we saw in that clash between United and AS Roma.

What do you make of this news?

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