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Rome 09: Poorly Setup Press Conference

Posted by Keano! on May 26, 2009

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson joined the gathered media in Rome with  star players Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo, all of whom were in optimistic mood ahead of the final tomorrow.

Confused expressions and dodgy equipment were the ingredients for the start of the press conference as photographers, microphones and movements were all causing the electrics to act up.

When all was calmed down and the three men on show had working microphones and headsets, the confidence flowed with every sentence.

When Rio Ferdinand was questioned over his injury which kept him out of United’s last four league games, the centre back stated that he was good to go and eager for the final to begin,

"My injury is fine and I feel good," he explained "I’ve trained for the last couple of days and am ready for tomorrow."

"I told the manager that I feel fine. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise the team. It’s not about indviduals playing in a final, it’s about the team winning."

One of the more comical moments of the meeting was the handing over of a local clubs jersey too Cristiano Ronaldo from a reporter who spoke for a fair length of time in Portuguese. When he was finished and Ronaldo had sat back down, the main man overseeing proceedings said, “And can we now get back to the football…”

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