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Rome 09: Road To Rome

Posted by Keano! on May 26, 2009

Its been some season and the European campaign all comes down to 90 minutes, or maybe 120 and more, but the journey taken by the squad of players has been a wonderful feat knocking teams like Celtic, Inter Milan and Arsenal off course on their way to the Italian capital.

A wonderful compilation of that Road To Rome created by Zhaban can be viewed below, and I think you’ll agree with me in saying, that it really is a fantastic watch.

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GroupE | Villareal (H) 0-0 | Aalborg BK (A) 3-0 | Celtic (H) 3-0 | Celtic (A) 1-1 | Villareal (A) 0-0 | Aalborg BK (H) 2-2
Last 16: Inter Milan (A) 0-0 & (H) 2-0 | Quarter-Final: FC Porto (H) 2-2 & (A) 1-0 | Arsenal (H) 1-0 & (A) 3-1 |Barcelona await…



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5 Responses to “Rome 09: Road To Rome”

  1. Paul said

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the wonderful highlight clips. It’s really fun watching them again. Just can’t wait to see Barca run ragged tomorrow at the Olympico. Good luck on what will definitely turn out to be a fabulous season for us again come 10 pm tomorrow.

  2. AHaN said

    Great blog.I’m gunning for United to win this cup.

    To Barca,maybe try next year.

  3. daniel ayalew said

    i belive one thing man united win 2-0 after that all worled bilive

  4. steven gerrard said

    come on brca beat the manc scum

  5. Keano! said

    What wonderful spelling Stevie… lol

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