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Rome 09: United Fan Stabbed

Posted by Keano! on May 27, 2009

Ahead of the Champions League final tonight, trouble has arisen in the capital and the result saw an alleged Manchester United fan stabbed in the thigh and sustain minor head injuries. The man was taken to the local hospital and has since been discharged with appropriate treatment applied.

Greg Walden who is 34 years of age told police that he was approached by four men outside his hotel in Rome. He sustained a knife wound to his right thigh along with minor injuries to his head. Police are on “full alert” after hearing the news, as up to this incident, everything has been calm ahead of the big game.

After clashes with Roma fans in Rome 2 years ago, police feared that violence could escalate but they aren’t fully sure of if it was a general criminal attack to the Englishman or if it was rival fans, known more commonly as the “Ultras” in Rome.

Manchester United issued statements to fans travelling over of areas to stay away from and areas to stick near to.

A senior police officer on the case in Rome said this lunchtime,

"We were alerted by the hospital. The man said that he had been attacked by four men outside his hotel. We are trying to verify his account."

In other news, Manchester United are warning people to not buy tickets illegally in Rome as tickets will be tracked at the turnstiles at the Stadio Olimpico. This comes after reports of up to 6,000 ticketless fans making their way to Rome.

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