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United Fan Kills Four Barcelona Supporters

Posted by Keano! on May 28, 2009

A Man United fan in Nigeria has been arrested after he killed four Barcelona supporters and injured ten others in the town of Ogbo. The man who has not been named yet, seemingly took United’s defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League final very badly and when driving by a large group of Barcelona fans celebrating after their win, something clicked in the drivers head, who made a sharp U-turn and drove straight into the crowd.

An official on the case in Nigeria claimed,

“The driver had passed the crowd (in his minibus) then made a U-turn and ran into them.”

Both teams have very large fan bases in the area and a very large majority of the people living there would have tuned into the game.

This tragic news follows on from a suicide story in Nigeria involving an Arsenal fan who left his friends after Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to United in the semi-final second leg and hung himself off his balcony only to be found by a friend the next morning.

Feel free to leave your best wishes to those who tragically died in the incident below.


6 Responses to “United Fan Kills Four Barcelona Supporters”

  1. RDJ said

    That’s tragic. Some people needs to realize that there are things in life more important than football.

  2. WazzaVale said

    RIP to the people concerned.

    Agree with RDJ’s post above too…

  3. Michael said


  4. Sean McErigle said

    Never heard this on the news. I echo the comments before me, RIP

  5. Toby said

    This is fake.

  6. Keano! said

    Sadly it ain’t man…

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