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United Season Ticket Prices For 2009/2010

Posted by Keano! on May 31, 2009

Its always a talking point season ticket prices and Manchester United have confirmed theirs for the upcoming season. With many not going to renew as a result of a poll run by SkySports, its believed that should you wish to attend all home games and have the ability to travel to away games and Champions League fixtures, that you will definitely get it.

If you hear of someone saying, you won’t get one as the waiting list too long, you can respond and ask if they ever actually read Manchester United news or visit the official site.

The prices are as follows courtesy of,


Section Adult Senior Junior
North and South Upper Centre £931 £380  
North Stand Upper Wings £874 £380  
South Stand Upper Wings £874 £380  
North Stand Tier 2 Centre £817 £380  
North Stand Tier 2 Wings £779 £380  
North/ South Lower Wings £779 £380  
North and South Lower Centre £817 £380  
North East Quadrants Tier 2 £779 £380  
North West Quadrants Tier 2 £779 £380  
North East Quadrants Tier 1 £703 £351.50  
North West Quadrants Tier 1 £703 £351.50  
East Stand Upper £684 £342  
West Stand Upper £684 £342  
East Stand Tier 2 £684 £342  
West Stand Tier 2 £684 £342  
Family Stand £646 £323 £190
North Stand Tier 3 £627 £313.50  
East Stand Lower £513 £256.50  
West Stand Lower £513 £256.50  


Feel free to leave questions or give your views on the


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