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Roo A Future Center Mid?

Posted by Keano! on June 1, 2009

Wayne Rooney, a man who typifies the term passion, work and endeavour. The 23 year old has made a massive name for himself becoming one of Manchester United’s most liked players down through the years, and he played his trade on Merseyside before making the switch which has seen the forward move onto new levels.

As a forward though, he has never and I doubt he will ever be a prolific goals corer like your Ole Gunnar Solskjaers, Ruud Van Nistelrooys and the like. For me and almost every other United fan, Wayne Rooney’s best role is playing just behind a front man who can play on the last defender and link the midfield and attack. That is where Rooney’s abilities are being used to the max I feel

Last Summer a few days before the start of the season, Sir Alex claimed that he would play Rooney is his best position more often as to get the best out of the number 10. Well that idea was either forgotten about or else scrapped as over the course of the season Rooney has played up front on his own and out wide on the left wing. To his credit, and this is probably one of the main reasons he is a fans favourite, he doesn’t complain, moan and stomp around. Instead putting in his best shift possible and working his socks off for the good of the team. Its a wonderful attribute to possess in the modern game.

I mentioned goal scoring wasn’t Wayne’s strongest point, then what is? I’d take a guess and say his passing and vision. While his shooting is phenomenal and he does score a fair amount of goals, he is alongside Michael Carrick and Paul Scholes, the best passer of a ball at United today. Therefore I foresee a role in the middle of the park for him in a few years down the line. He has committed his future to United so I think its safe to say he’ll be with us in 5 years.

But as all players do, they loose stamina with age and dropping Rooney back into that midfield role could be a fantastic option should things pane out nicely. Tackling is a good attribute of his, and over the seasons at United, he has curbed his aggression superbly and reduced the yellow and red cards to his name. His last red card was this season but it was petulance/misunderstandings rather then a horrific tackle or dirty play.

The solid frame of Rooney and his never say die attitude could be the key in Manchester United’s midfield in years to come. What do you think?

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