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United Having Light Bulbs Changed

Posted by Keano! on June 2, 2009

Manchester United’s players are living the high life off the pitch as they have their every need attended to so that they don’t do anything stupid or cause injury. If they need a new tyre on their brand new Aston Martin, they have a “butler” to do the DIY work, and the same goes for things like window cleaning, assembling a flat pack, sorting out the Jacuzzi in the monstrous gardens and the list goes on.

The main man behind it all is Mr. Barry Moorhouse who is United’s player who is ready and willing to work for world known men in their mansions.

United’s French left back, Patrice Evra spoke of how he even has things going nicely and how good a friend Barry is to him and the whole United team,

“This club is a big family because everybody works together. You can ask Barry anything. When you have a problem with your car, the Jacuzzi or the light, he is there.When you see people like this you want to make them happy and win.”

Evra who is owns a £3M mansion in Cheshire is one of many United players with these massive buildings. Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to buy a house with his mansion in Alderley Edge which is again very close to Ferdinand and Sir Alex. Its a five-bedroom mansion, with an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, cinema room and even a media suite!

Barry had this to say on the whole “pampering” of the United stars…

“Some people describe me as a Jim’ll Fix It. United have players from all over the world and it can be difficult for them to settle. It means they are not worrying about little things. The manager wants them to concentrate on football. But some requests are ridiculous.

“Players are so pampered. And it doesn’t stop at the players. Wags get treated better than royals.”

So, £100,000 a week, your job is your favourite thing in the world, you’re a hero to many people, you more then likely have a fit WAG and you get  a butler to your services. Please don’t ever let me hear a footballer say that life is tough.

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