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Further Leaked Pictures Of New United Kit

Posted by Keano! on June 3, 2009



8 Responses to “Further Leaked Pictures Of New United Kit”

  1. jonny y said

    im liking the red shorts makes a change but didnt that nike ad leak have a black collar??

  2. Keano! said

    I think it did have a black one alright. But it was a good photoshop done by them on the current kit. This ones actually been produced and bought by people in Asia. 😉

  3. andy said

    Yeh that leaked pic had a black collar and a white stripe. This looks much better than the ones leaked though! Especially the away kit!!

  4. Mossy said

    Yeah I think these will be the real kits.

    Funnily enough I saved the below link on my computer probably about 2/3 months ago which was a computer image of the away shirt, so this looks as if it must be correct. Only thing that is wrong is that we will need the gold CHAMPIONS badge on our sleeves!

  5. abo. said

    nice i like the first kit but the second looks like arsenal kit

  6. Rory said

    Would be pretty slick long sleeved! Also black collars would make a big difference.

  7. Sean McErigle said

    Really nice kits | hope this is true

  8. Choccy said

    That home shirt for a start id fake. And the fact your friends got one in Asia says it all really.

    Uniteds new kit has a black round neck collar and the nike ad is real and confirmed.

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