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New Shirt Sponsorship Deal Announced

Posted by Keano! on June 3, 2009

Its been confirmed by Manchester United that they will be leaving AIG come the end of the 2009/2010 season and partner up with American outfit, AON Corporation who have declared themselves absolutely thrilled with the news of this deal which is expected to earn United more then what they were getting with AIG.

This means that AIG will be the sponsor on United’s shirts for the coming year but it will be their last as AON will takeover in the Summer of 2010. The two parties have agreed a four year contract for the shirt deal. AON are the world’s leading risk advisor and human capital consultant and is a major money move for both.

Speaking on the confirmed deal, chief executive David Gill said,

"We look forward to being closely aligned with the world leader in risk management, a firm which shares our values and is an exciting partner for Manchester United. Today’s announcement clearly strengthens our position as one of the biggest clubs in world football."

And AON’s president and chief executive Greg Case shared Gill’s viewpoint on being the biggest club in the world as he couldn’t help but smile when saying,

"It is a unique opportunity when two leaders in their respective fields can come together in a partnership such as the one we are announcing today,” said Case.

“Manchester United has one of the most recognised sports brands in the world. David and his team are all about winning and about excellence; the same holds true for the Aon team. We play to win in our business, and that is why we believe this partnership will create tremendous benefits for both organisations worldwide,” he continued

He went on to conclude, “While we are delighted that our brand will be showcased to the over 330 million fans of Manchester United as well as the countless followers of football worldwide, we also are extremely excited about the opportunity to maximise the value of this partnership globally.”

Stated on AON’s official website, they said,

Manchester United Facts — the Number One global football brand

  • Manchester United is the #1 brand in the #1 sport in the world
  • 333 million fans worldwide follow Manchester United with unrivalled passion — more than 80 percent prompted awareness in Japan, UK, China, Germany, South Africa, and Korea
  • The Manchester United web site has 60 million web page impressions per month — 70% outside of UK

Manchester United global reach builds a global platform for the Aon brand

  • Approximately 6.6 million shirts are sold each year (official/non-official). Provides Aon with 6.6 million "walking billboards"
  • Starting with the 2010-11 season, the Aon brand will be prominently displayed on the famous Manchester United football shirt
  • 227 countries access the MUTV channel

Manchester United massively grows their sponsors’ brand recognition

  • After one year’s sponsorship of Manchester United, the AIG brand was entered as the 47th most recognized brand in a survey of globally recognized brands
  • 90% of Manchester United fans sited AIG as sponsor after first year
  • AIG then jumped from 84 to 30 on Barron’s most respected list

While all this seems well and good, United fans maybe ruing the news as it will mean another shirt change and more money to be forked out should they wish to have the clubs latest attire.

This Summer, we are preparing for a new shirt unveiling and MUN is confident that this one will be the result. But with news now that the sponsors will change next year, it means 2 new shirts in as many years.

What do you make of the latest deal? Also, with AIG, many dubbed it as shorthand for Alex Is God, and we want to get a new phrase for AON.

Submit your efforts below and see what we can come up with.

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