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Ronaldo’s Price Tag Reads £75M

Posted by Keano! on June 6, 2009

In the wake of Florentino Perez’s claims that he would be looking to bring Brazilian ace, Kaka, to Real Madrid and follow that coup up with Manchester United’s star, Cristiano Ronaldo, according to The Mirror, Sir Alex Ferguson has stuck a price tag on Ronaldo reading £75M and not a penny less.

The price, which would be in excess of €85M, would be the highest transfer fee ever and Real Madrid are capable of funding the switch. Perez recently claimed he was going to turn his attention toward Ronaldo as a deal with Kaka is seemingly complete although the story is not yet officially confirmed.

Despite the Ronaldo saga (again),  Perez has commented on the clubs relationships as he feels they may have fallen of late. He said that he would choose friendship with United over signing Ronaldo, although its quite hard to believe such a statement, and I’m sure Ferguson will feel the same way on that matter making comments previously,

Think I’d do a deal with that mob? Jesus Christ…I wouldn’t sell them a virus….

Ferguson’s rival in this case, Perez said,

“If one day there is a chance of (Ronaldo) playing for Real Madrid, that would be an honour for us.”

"But if I had to choose between the friendship with Manchester United and the signing of Ronaldo, I would choose the friendship,” said the Real Madrid president.

"Plus, I have never said that Cristiano will arrive in June. That is an arrogant and false statement,” he concluded.

Ronaldo is once again playing a very sly game on the entire issue letting the clubs and media take the spotlight claiming he will go through things when he is back from International duty with Portugal.

Expect some crazy media stories of the next few weeks, but with all the reports, United certainly haven’t been as defensive of Ronaldo claiming he won’t be going anywhere as much as they were last Summer with Ramon Calderon.

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