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Perez Desperate For His Man

Posted by Keano! on June 9, 2009

Real Madrid are continuing their public pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo and they Spanish side will be able to focus their crosshairs more intensely on Manchester, England as they smashed the world transfer record fee and signed Brazilian superstar, Kaka for a breathtaking £60M earlier in the day. Kaka has since had and passed a medical we are led to believe. Florentino Perez brought in the worlds best during his last stint with Real and he is looking like he wants to do the exact same again and next on the list is long term target, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perez has said he feels he would be restored as an icon at Madrid should he succeed in signing the Portuguese man from the English Champions as he regularly refers to Ramon Calderon’s failed attempts to secure the signing.

Ronaldo has said nothing on the story which may worry some United fans when many believe he would just come out and say that he didn’t want to go, ending all speculation there and then, but no, the saga continues,

Speaking to the Spanish media today, Perez was in buoyant mood after capturing Kaka and re-arming for a battle with United and the chance of getting the star studded winger.

"I will do everything possible to get Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

"Kaka is the first signing. The only thing I have done is ensure we follow the path Santiago Bernabeu marked out for us – signing  the best players in the world, the best in Spain and, with them, the best from the youth set-up," he added.

One has to wonder why Ronaldo would leave United, a team on top of the tree and winning at least one trophy almost every season and switch to a club who are lingering in La Liga being eaten up and spat out by a brilliant Barcelona team and also failing miserably on the European stage, being thrashed at Anfield in the campaign gone by.

This saga looks to be no where near ending it would seem.

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