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Ronaldo Set For Bolt Showdown!

Posted by Keano! on June 10, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo will be taking part in a very special race later this month according to The Mirror. Bolt who met with Ronaldo earlier in the season to teach him a few techniques to become even faster is challenging some of sports most known figures.

The prize on offer for the winner of this prestigious race will be awarded the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award. It is not yet known what the distance travelled will be, although it is highly expected to a 100m dash.

The men who will set up on the start line will include,

Usain Bolt – 100m/200m gold medallist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

Cristiano Ronaldo – World Footballer Of The Year 2008

Lewis Hamilton – F1 Champion 2008

Rafael Nadal – Winner of 6 Grand Slam tennis titles

Michael Phelps – Winner of 8 gold medals for swimming at the Beijing Olympics 2008

Valentino Rossi – Winner of 8 MotoGP titles

It’s sure to be some race and one for the history books.

Ronaldo and Usain Bolt posing for a photograph in Manchester recently.

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