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Fergie Must Copy Capello!

Posted by Keano! on June 11, 2009

Fabio Capello has really managed to get the best out of Wanyne Rooney of late, and the funny thing is, it’s playing him in his best position rather then playing him somewhere else to accommodate other players.

Ferguson, genius he maybe, but he persists in playing Rooney out wide where he is no where near as effective. Sure he tracks back, puts the opposition under pressure and sets up chances along with scoring the odd goal, but play him in a centre forward role and he will be odds on to score in every match with the Quality United have around him.

Rooney did enjoy his best goals to game ratio season in 2008/2009 and one wonders what he’ll be capable of if Ferguson sticks him in the centre forward role where we have all seen him produce so well for United and most notably now, England.

His two goals last night for England were so brilliantly taken and he had other chances too, even hitting the crossbar with a point blank header. The fact I’m eluding to, is that had he have been out wide, he wouldn’t have been in the position to score.

Wayne’s second goal last night typified why he should be in the central role. Inch perfect cross, and a finish of the highest quality. It’s been said before that Ferguson is wasting his abilities when he plays him wide left, and I have to say that if Rooney is deployed in the central role more often then not next season, we could see him destroy the oppositions.

Rooney himself commented earlier in the week on his positional preferences and it came as no surprise when he declared his best position was playing up front.

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