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United Accept £80m Bid For Ronaldo

Posted by Keano! on June 11, 2009

The deal spoken about for months on end has finally taken a massive step towards completion as Real Madrid have offered Manchester United a world record fee for Cristiano Ronaldo which hovers around a staggering €94M.

An official statement on the clubs website has confirmed that the offer has been made and accepted by United who are looking set to loose Ronaldo to the La Liga side.

Ronaldo has not hidden his desire to move to Spain someday and it is looking almost certain that the move will occur this Summer despite Ronaldo claiming he was happy at life with United. Real Madrid are also going to be adding to their transfer bill after paying AC Milan £59M for Kaka.

A statement on the clubs website read,

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

At Cristiano’s request – who has again expressed his desire to leave – and after discussion with the player’s representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.
Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.

It’s quite a story to wake up to on a Thursday morning but it is now looking certain that the move will be completed within the next few days as Manchester United have allowed Ronaldo to speak to Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez stated time and time again since re-taking his place that he would sign Ronaldo, something his predecessor, Ramon Calderon failed to do.

It was believed Ronaldo would stay as long as Ferguson was at the club but in the end Manchester United look set to make a £68M gain on Ronaldo after signing the Portuguese man for £12M from Sporting Lisbon.

Fans Madness

The fans are already speculating on what will happen with the incoming money and who will be bought and what changes will be made. Most arrows are pointing to the signing up of Carlos Tevez or else the swoop for French star Karim Benzema. United will also need to fill Ronaldo’s vacated spot on the right wing and the opportunities are few and far between with Frank Ribery the biggest name being talked about.

Speaking to Manchester United News, Michael Byrne (Member of the Manchester United Supporters branch in Dublin) claimed that he wouldn’t be surprised to see United tempt Ruud Van Nistelrooy back to Old Trafford where the Dutchman was such a favourite. He may have fallen out with Ferguson but can these cracks be repaired?

I’d love to see Fergie get Ruud back. He would be accepted back with open arms by the fans and I’m sure Fergie could patch things up with him.

What do you make of the news?

3 Responses to “United Accept £80m Bid For Ronaldo”

  1. Ameer said

    £80m is a load of money and from a business perspective it’s great.

    But please please let’s not get to sentimental and say lets sign tevez a guy who has openly stated that he wouldn’t mind play for City or Scumpool and then call fergie that old man. As far as I’m concerned sling yur hook mate.

    By the same token no to Ruud, he done his time thank you very much, but we don’t want to be one dimensional again and besides he is too old.

    What we need are young dynamic players,

    Silva, Villa, Benzema, Augero, Pato, Valencia – these are the type we should be looking at.

    So please stop calling for player that will not offer much.

  2. mariannabelle said

    I’m sad to see Ronaldo go because he was abel to play so many positions on the pitch and that was a quality that i thought helped him standd out was world player of the year. But he can be replaced. he himself replaced Beckham. However, this new person will need time to adapt and that could cause an opening for liverpool or chelsea to get the premier league!

  3. Chappers said

    No chance of Ruud coming back.

    Gutted that Ronnie is going, but not one player is bigger than the club and £80 million is a mental amount.

    No more tantrums, no more “When you’re surrounded by flowers, you breathe better” – bye bye Ron. Your be missed, but thanks for coming.

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