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FZ: He Came, He Dazzled, He Left

Posted by Keano! on June 12, 2009

The inevitable has happened. We couldn’t be sure when, or under what circumstances, we couldn’t be sure who would be the one to sanction it, we couldn’t even be sure how much for. But yesterday, 11th June 2009, it was revealed that Manchester United had accepted a world record offer of £80M from Real Madrid, and Cristiano Ronaldo was finally getting his dream move.

The inevitable fact was that he was going to go at some point. But saying it wasn’t still a shock would be a lie in itself. After last summers media frenzy, it was widely known that Madrid would come at United again despite the fact that they said it was all over in January. However, the time scale is rather astonishing. It’s only been 2 weeks since the Champions League final, after which the first collective newspaper speculation began for this year. But going further, after the first notion of a bid came the first acceptance of a bid almost straight away. Not exactly the drawn out circus we thought all thought it would be.

With everything, there’s been a mix of different reactions from Utd fans, from the good, to the bad and then to the ugly. The decisions, whatever they are, won’t please everyone. There’s far too many fans for all to be pleased by one decision, the direction that Utd take, and that will always be the case.

What about me? Well, first and foremost I’d like to thank him for what he has contributed on the pitch. Away back 6 years ago, he became the most expensive teenager in football. When he made that first appearance as a substitute against Bolton Wanderers as an unknown teenage prodigy nobody could have predicted the team and individual success that was to follow over the years. Despite this fact he leaves United having won everything (well, apart from the European Super Cup if you’re picky) and also winning his fair share of individual honours, on the way becoming World Footballer of the Year in 2008.

Asking me if I’m sorry to see him go on the other hand, is a different question. Every single one of those honours increased his ego that bit more, getting bigger and bigger. The better he started to become, the more he collected and the more he contributed and the more he started to get wrapped up in his own self-importance. Then the diving, which seemed to peter out somewhat, returned. But this time there were the tantrums the throwing out of the arms when he didn’t get the free-kick he deserved, like a child that had been told he wasn’t getting a new toy or bag of sweets. The sulking. The rolling around, and the unforgettable antics (for me anyway) after a perfect tackle from the honest and professional Phil Neville to con the ref, and even conned his own team-mates who thought Neville had done wrong, and resulted in the former Red Devil being booked.

And then of course, there was last summer. His defenders will say it was all the media. It was the media, but only to an extent. It wasn’t the media who were so indecisive. It wasn’t the media who played a game with the United support, as Ronaldo continued to avoid committing his future to the club, which is only what the United fans deserve to hear after the support they had given him, especially after the World Cup incident with Rooney. Even in May he announced that Old Trafford was his home, it doesn’t exactly look like that now, as he prepares for life in Madrid

And then there was the unforgivable. Turning his back on the manager and the muttering under his breathe. Throwing the tracksuit top to the ground and the look of disgust across his face.

I’m sure there’s more I could add, and I would. But that will be enough, and we move on. The circus is over, and we look forward to United moving forward once again as they’ve done time and time again in the past

He got too big for his boots. Despite what “CR7” may think, United are, have always, and will always be bigger than he will ever be.

Written by FanZone member – manutd004

4 Responses to “FZ: He Came, He Dazzled, He Left”

  1. SeasonTicetHolder 1993-2007 said

    Yesterday was the 11th todays the 12th

  2. Keano! said

    thanks for that….sorted!

  3. Dan said

    Imagine for a second that you, a Manchester United fan since childhood, working on your current local company, was offered a very good job, earning many times what you’re on now, doing whatever you do (lawyer, accountant, janitor, etc) at Real Madrid FC. I’m sure you’d take the job. You’d do a professional job, maybe for a number of years, but you wouldn’t trade or allegiance of United for Real. United is in your heart, and will be forever.
    Then after those years, United called on you, offering you even more money, but above all, the chance to work for YOUR club. What would you do? And how would you feel if the Real fans looked down on you for not loving their club like they do?

    People forget that United is just a job for Ronaldo. He was by far their best employee, contributing massively to all that they won whilst he was there, and on top of that giving them a massive cash boost when leaving for his childhood dream club.

    How can you do anything other than saying a big ‘Thank You Ronaldo’ and wishing him luck?

    Yes his personality is not as easy on the eye as his footballing skills, but United paid him to deliver on the pitch, and no United fan can have any complaints in that regard.

    By the way, the club that formed him was Sporting Lisbon, not United. This is why Sporting is getting a small cut (supposedly about 2.5%) of the £80m transfer fee.

  4. Dan said

    BTW, there is something that no media is picking up upon.

    Real Madrid are not really Ronaldo’s childhood dream club. That’d be Benfica and later Sporting Lisbon.

    The issue here is not one of love for a club, it is one of career.

    You see, whereas English kids dream of becoming legends in their childhood clubs by spending their whole career there, the dream of every Portuguese kid is to make it into one of the top 3 Portuguese clubs, and then go play abroad, for the best clubs in the best European leagues (note use of plural here). Spending the whole career in a single club is OK, but only if the player is not good enough to ‘conquer’ different leagues.

    Even Mourinho, as a coach, follows that dream. He wants to suceed in different leagues, not spend his whole career in a single club.

    Anyway, just wanted to highlight this curious difference in culture, which will hopefully explain why Ronaldo should not be blamed for wanting to leave.

    Arguably, as it is starting to transpire in the news now, he should have been been allowed to leave last year, after the CL win. Fergie forced him to stay for another season, and Ronaldo did deliver on some key moments, but you could see his body language. He wasn’t happy. The hardcore United fan will say Ronaldo is being selfish, but I’d turn than on its head and say that it was Fergie who was being greedy. A back-to-back league and a CL wasn’t enough. He wanted more, but at the cost of keeping Ronaldo against his wish. I think, in the light of this, United fans should be more understanding of Ronaldo’s behaviour this last season. It could have ended in a high, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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