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MUN Official Toolbar

Manchester United News is offering a free customizable toolbar to ever reader and it is available by clicking here and proceeding with the download instructions. If you have  a firewall or anti-virus software installed, just click “Ok” or “Allow” and “Run” or “Install” the toolbar to your Internet browser.

What is the MUN Toolbar?

Untitled-8.png picture by PremierLeagueChat

1. Settings

1. Settings

1. Settings

Click on this button to access a mini menu where you can adjust the options on your customizable download along with adding new gadgets, and a few other general settings.

2. Search

Use this handy search feature to search Goggle and have the best results delivered to you in an instant.

3. News Ticker

Here is one of the best features of our toolbar. When a new article is published on our blog, it will immediately link itself to the news ticker on the toolbar. Therefore, a simple glance at the toolbar while searching other websites will tell you if there are any ne articles to read on Manchester United News. Just clicl on the small arrow down to the right of your settings button, (1. Settings) and select refresh toolbar to have the latest news delivered immediatly.

4. Your Menu

4. Your Menu

4. Your Menu

This is a handy, easy to access drop-down menu of Manchester United News’ most searched pages which include the homepage, fixtures and results, the trophy room and the songs section with available downloads, again for free.

5. MUN Chat Room

5. MUN Chat Room

5. MUN Chat Room

This area allows readers from all over the world to chat among one another about United, the blog or general topics. Its 100% free again and all you have to do in order to chat is supply your age, sex and a nickname, all of which will be asked for as you click the button. Once you submit for the first time, our toolbar will save your settings for your use when you return so inputting the same information twice, three times and more is not required. While MUN does allow anyone to use this handy feature, we stress that you respect each persons view and to refrain from using bad language as people of all ages are logging on and reading the latest news about United on Manchester United News.

6. Games

6. Games

6. Games

Now for the real boredom releasing stuff, and what better way to relax then playing a few online games which include Poker, pool, chess, darts and sudoku? All you have to do is click on the Games button, select the game of your choice, wait for it to all load up and away you go. Maybe post high scores below if you think you did that good! Royal Flush anyone?

7. Space

Here is where you can add any other features you wish to your new toolbar with handy features such as MSN, YouTube clips and useful utilities on offer. Just right click on the space and choose customize. Also, if you click on Gadgets in the settings (1. Settings), then any gadgets you add will appear at this end of your toolbar. Handy, eh?

Feel free to leave any comments and questions below regarding the toolbar and help will be along ASAP.


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